Product Briefs

The Vault Overview

Say hello to The Vault, your trusted support platform from Kinective. Track ticket status, access FAQs, and more.


The More You Know Series: May 2024

Get the most out of web forms! We walk you through best practices and popular use cases.


The Ultimate Guide to the Future of Banking Technology

Break down barriers, unlock new services, and enhance your competitive edge.



ROI Calculator

Let's put an actual number on how much these extra tasks are really costing you with this free ROI calculator—it only takes a few seconds!


The More You Know Series: April 2024

Beyond transactional: How to empower cross-trained staff and drastically improving the client experience.


The More You Know Series: March 2024

You're creating outstanding signing experiences for your clients, but is your team set up for success with optimized workflows?


The More You Know Series: February 2024

Get the most out of document automation! Leverage eSign and eSignPlus to maximize efficiency and boost the client experience. 


The Anti-Manual Manual

Are manual tasks hurting your success? Say no to manual workflows and download the free Automation Intelligence guide.


Your API Connectivity Questions, Answered

Have questions about open banking, digital transformation, or more? Get some clarity in our API Connectivity FAQs.
TCR Replacement Worksheet

TCR Replacement Worksheet

Is it time to replace your Cash Recyclers? Save yourself the headache (and some $$) and download this free workbook!
Kinective for Fiserv DNA

Kinective for Fiserv DNA

One sheet overview of Kinective's offerings for Fiserv DNA customers.

D.A.R.E. Docu-Sin Awareness Resistance Education

D.A.R.E. Docu-Sin Awareness Resistance Education

Just Say No. Not all eSignature vendors are the same.

Tech Trends Report 2023

Tech Trends Report 2023

All the benchmarks, insights, and analyses in an extensive 44-page report with 384 of your peers' responses.


Tech Trends LP-1600x1180

Tech Trends Report 2022

We interviewed over 350 financial institution executives, gathered insights from industry experts and leaders, and condensed it all into the first industry report of its kind.
Harness Connectivity Webinar

Harness Connectivity Webinar

What do innovative industry experts have to say about the eye-opening tech insights revealed within the 2023 Banking Tech Trends Report?
Cheat Code Webinar

Cheat Code Webinar

The pressure to reduce costs in 2023 is real. How can financial institutions beat the game and come out on top?

Retail Banking Tech Defined

Retail Banking Technology, Defined Webinar

Get a jump start on your 2023 strategic planning and budgeting regarding branch technology.
Tech Trends Panel -800x800

Tech Trends Panel Webinar

What do innovative industry experts have to say about the eye-opening tech insights revealed within the 2023 Banking Tech Trends Report?
Universal Associates Webinar

Universal Associates Webinar

Think implementing Universal Associates is too complicated for your financial institution? Think again.
Rockstar Header infographic-CFM

Finding a Rock Star Universal Associate

If you are tired of working hard to find the right candidates only to see that they were one-hit-wonders, this free checklist is for you.
UA-resource library image-2

The Universal Associate Resource Library

Adopting the Universal Associate model is challenging. To help make it simpler, we've gathered all the info you'll need into this one downloadable package.

Product Guide-resource library image

Branch Transformation Product Guide

What are you looking to do with Kinective? To help answer this question, we put together this product guide for the ultimate branch transformation.

Rockstar Guide Header-CFM Blog-2-1

The Guide to Rock Star Universal Associates

Your rockstars can't perform without the right tools. This guide breaks down exactly what you need to take you to the next level.

Rockstar Environment-Header-CFM Blog header-2

Rock Star Universal Branch Chart Toppers

“Universal Associates” are a completely new sound. Get your fists pumping, feet tapping, and voice humming along with some of our favorite picks.

Evolution Frictionless-resource library image

Evolution to a Frictionless Banking Experience

Are you working toward a frictionless banking experience? Have you looked into the universal associate model or tablet banking?

TacklingCosts-resource library image

Tackling Transaction Costs

Provide clients with the personal touch they require for a positive experience, without requiring a costly 1:1 interaction with a banker.

CFM Tech not magic

Tech Not Magic

We don’t want to spoil all the secrets, but this interactive slideshow will amaze you with tricks for integrating technology directly into your core.

Escape the Maze Header

Escape the Maze

We've built a downloadable worksheet you can use to self-test your integrations, from cash recyclers and dispensers to check printers.

Core Integration Worksheet-resource library image

Core Integration Worksheet

Find out if your branches are optimized for the best client and employee experience.

CFM LookBook-ResourceCard-1600x1180

Creating a Retail Experience

Consumers want a better retail banking experience, and we have the best guide to show you how to give it to them.

Subway Infographic-ResourceCard-1600x1180

Branch Fresh

Find out what ingredients you need to provide a fresh new branch experience.

Cutting Costs-ResourceCard-1600x1180

2023 Cost Cutting Guide

This guide comes with highly effective "outside-the-box" strategies to trim costs and secure the success of your financial institution this year.

Branch of Past Present Future-LP-1400x800

The Branch of the Past, Present, & Future

The changes in the banking world are speeding up. Check out a few strategies you can use to stay ahead of the competition.

Keeping Up w Joneses-resource library image

Become the Best in Banking

As people “in the know,” we’ve made a list of everything you need to deliver the best client and employee experiences.

We Did The Math-resource library image

Cutting Costs? We Did the Math

Discover short-term and longer-term methods to meet demand for ever-improving self-service options & ensure the survival of your FI.


Cheat Codes 3

How to beat the branch efficiency game in 2023


Cheat Codes 2

By reorganizing and investing in the right technology and players, you can super-boost your network’s branch power and hit that next level.

Cheat Code 01-Header-LP-1400x880

Cheat Codes 1

The branch channel is still a viable and valuable revenue generator for the near future.

Cheat Codes-Header-LP-1400x880-2

Cheat Codes Series

Get access to this complete 3-part series about key banking trends and insights for 2023.

Transforming Self-Service-LP-1600x1180

Transforming Your Self-Service

Check out a few of the latest insights on self-service gathered in this easy-to-read infographic.


CFM Mythbusters-infographic-header-3

Mythbusters: Banking Edition

There's this idea that the only clients using banking technology are younger, millennial-aged clients. Is this true? Find out with this infographic.

TimelineTeller-resource library image

Timeline of the Teller

Go where no banker has gone before: through the past, present, and future of the teller role. Take the ride through time with this visual guide.