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An Expert-Led Webinar on Retail Banking Technology Trends for 2023

Get a jump on your 2023 strategic planning and budgeting efforts, and watch this webinar. From bank and credit union execs to technology service providers, to consultants and beyond, we've gathered some of the leading industry experts to discuss the biggest trends in retail banking. Using CFM's newest industry report as a starting point, these experts will be digging into how you can leverage different technologies and strategies in your branches. 

Who are the Experts?

  • Brad Smith, Partner, Cornerstone Advisors
  • Anna De Leon - Business Analyst, CapEd Credit Union 
  • Cody Willis - Sr. Integrations Strategist, CFM

Why listen? 

  • Take a deep dive into the first-ever CFM industry report on retail banking technologies to get data-backed tactics for strategic planning.
  • Uncover what other leading institutions are investing in and why, so you can better identify if the technology is right for you.
  • Better define your technology strategies for 2023 and beyond to feel more confident in your investments.


Technology We'll Be Discussing


Teller Cash Recyclers


Self-Service Solutions


Tablet Teller Interfaces

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Packed with stats straight from leading bank and credit union execs, download this report to:

  • Get the details on what retail branch technologies are trending in the banking industry, from teller cash recyclers to self-service solutions to tablet-based universal associate platforms.
  • Discover the secrets for unlocking maximum ROI from your investment in retail banking technologies based on real data from other institutions. 
  • Unlock A TON of stats on retail banking technologies that will equip you to make wise decisions in 2022 and beyond.