The retail banking industry is a whole different game than it used to be — deposits are on the decline, transaction costs are increasing, customer expectations are changing, and technologies are always evolving. Financial institutions are in search of a solution: one that provides clients with the personal touch they require for a positive experience, without requiring a costly 1:1 interaction with a banker just to complete a simple transaction.

Search no further, we’ve identified the solution. Well two to be exact: interactive digital signage and self-service technologies. Proven benefits of these innovative solutions include: increased client and staff engagement, higher client satisfaction and in-branch experience scores, and more opportunities for cross-selling and household penetration. That’s why we put together this playbook, to review the top-performing types of interactive displays and introduce the most modern self-service option on the market for financial institutes.


Use interactive displays to shift from transactional to advisory
The most common, and successful, digital signage in branches
Redirect expensive transactions to self-service technology and reserve associates for more meaningful interactions
Make other plays guaranteed to result in a touchdown