The changes in the banking world are speeding up and we want to help you
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As people “in the know,” we’ve made a list of everything you need to deliver the best client and employee experience. With this, there’s no way your competitors will be able to one-up you.

Check out the 3 strategies your competitors are using to provide the best client experience in the industry.

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1) Greet clients when they walk in with full-service capabilities.

Clients have grown accustomed to the highest levels of convenience and gratification. The three main reasons people stay or switch financial institutions are local accessibility, convenience, and product offerings (including financial advisory services).

Give the people what they want and you'll likely find that you want many of the same things:

- Eliminated teller lines, task latency, & handoffs
- Speedy transactions
- Interpreted data insights
- Personalized conversations
- Financial wellness/advisory services

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HOW: Tablet-based Universal Associates untethered from workstations.

Find out what ALL 3 strategies are
in this modern banking service checklist.

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Universal associates must be able to greet clients as they enter a branch and either service or answer any need they have, from transactions to advisory conversations. Clunky legacy systems limit your staff capabilities and diminish your clients' experience.

NOMADIX enables a mobile staff model, freed from workstations, allowing multiple transactions to be completed simultaneously and then queued seamlessly with a TCR or self-service machine to avoid interrupting other clients' experiences.