Unleashing the Future of Banking with Unprecedented Connectivity and Transformative Power!

Exciting news unfolds as CFM joins forces with NXTsoft and IMM to become Kinective, revolutionizing the way financial institutions connect, collaborate, and transform. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey as we dive deep into the capabilities of this new company and the groundbreaking outcomes it will bring to the industry. 

Why Kinective?  

Kinective is the force multiplier for accelerating transformation through one connection between fintechs and banking cores. We constantly drive innovation and generate kinetic energy to help financial institutions break down barriers, unlock new services, and enhance their competitive edge. Kinetic and connection make Kinective, get it? I know, we love it too!    

Pioneering Modern Banking Experiences 

Since its inception in 2006, CFM has been at the forefront of empowering financial institutions with modern banking experiences. By seamlessly integrating cash recyclers, self-service kiosks, and tablet-banking interfaces into banking cores, CFM propels operational efficiency, slashes branch operating costs, and supercharges productivity. And that hasn’t changed. 

The flagship products of CFM lay the foundation for the banking experience of the future.  


  • The Secret Sauce: CFM's proprietary integration solution ensures flawless balancing and reconciliation of transactions in real-time between cash handling hardware and core processing software, setting new standards for precision and efficiency. 

RTA (Remote Transaction Assist)  

  • Break the Chains of Your Hardware: Named Best Fintech Solution of the Year, RTA securely and remotely processes transactions to cash handling hardware from any workstation in the branch, empowering your staff to deliver lightning-fast service. 


  • Real-Time Device Analytics: The business intelligence tool that opens visibility to the performance and usage of your cash automation fleet, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that drive optimal efficiency and maximize your institution's potential. 


  • A Simplified Transaction Solution: the incredibly easy-to-learn transaction interface that cuts the cost of associate training and operations. This game-changing solution enables your associates to serve clients seamlessly, fostering portability and elevating client experiences to new heights. 


  • Migrate Expensive Transactions to Self-Service: seamlessly integrate self-service kiosks into core processing software. Give your clients the freedom to choose full-, assisted-, or self-service options, without incurring more FTE cost. 


CFM becoming Kinective ignites a banking revolution driven by connectivity and transformative power. With a relentless focus on delivering effective API connections and full integrations of Fintech solutions, Kinective is poised to create an ecosystem for financial institutions.  With a current and growing landscape of 80+ Fintech integrations and 40+ Cores, Kinective seamlessly unlocks a ton of new services, from onboarding and deposit collection to lending, payments, transacting, selling, and servicing. 

What outcomes can you expect with Kinective? 

  1. Access to more Fintechs: Handpick the features that perfectly align with your institution's needs, with an ever-growing list of providers vying for your attention and fueling a marketplace of innovation like never before. More options for you, all connected to your banking core.  
  1. Unleash the Power of Comprehensive Solutions:  Kinective takes connectivity to the next level with a fully integrated ecosystem that automates workflows, eliminates errors, expedites approval processes, and ensures flawless archival of agreements. This end-to-end connectivity fuels cost reduction, enhances efficiency, and empowers financial institutions to unlock their true potential. 
  1. Power of Support: Our already impressive track record for implementation and support will now include so many more options, provided with the same level of care. From scoping the project to development, implementation, and ongoing support, Kinective's team of experts is dedicated to optimizing your success, ensuring lightning-fast outcomes that propel your institution forward. 

Kinective empowers financial institutions to innovate, scale, and future-proof their services, unlocking a realm of possibilities that propels the industry to extraordinary heights. This is the future of banking, and Kinective is leading the charge with visionary brilliance. 

For additional information regarding CFM’s rebrand to Kinective, please see these FAQ’s. 

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