Still Using Expensive and Doomed to Fail Terminal Servers in Your Branch? There’s a Better Way.

Once upon a time, installing a terminal server in your branch was necessary—it was the only way to connect your non-network-enabled devices to your network. But thanks to technological advances over the last decade, your branch has much better options for remotely connecting your equipment. The sad, but true fact is that terminal servers are now more of a liability than an asset.

Even with the knowledge that the use of a terminal server in your branch is a problem waiting to happen, you may be finding it difficult to justify the cost of making a switch. After all, if nothing appears to be broken, why spend any money to replace a terminal server right now?

The problem with that logic is that terminal servers have a high number of failure points and it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN they will fail in your branch.

Can you really afford a branch equipment failure during the middle of the day?

Over the last few years, CFM has seen a massive increase in clients coming to us to remove their Digi and MRV terminal servers. These financial institutions understand that keeping old terminal servers in the branch increases the likelihood of failures and expensive replacement and service costs.

Why Should You Replace Your Terminal Server?

• Cumbersome/bulky equipment in the branch that’s taking up valuable space.
• High cost of initial purchase
• High cost of service contracts
• Lots of failure points. It’s just a matter of time before your terminal server goes down.
• Legacy recommendation and new tech options

What’s the Best Way to Rid Your Branch of Terminal Servers?

With many branches, the only hardware still using a terminal server connection is the cash recyclers or dispensers. CFM has you covered with an end-to-end integration that removes the need for terminal servers from MRV or Lantronix.

How Do We Do This?

With S4+NORM, our Network Optimized Redundancy Module.

NORM is the perfect solution for connecting the dots between yesterday’s workstation-driven serial devices, to today’s thinner environment with network-driven and visible devices. With NORM, any type of cash automation machine can be connected to the network without fear of failure.

But wait, there’s more!

S4+NORM also provides redundancy in the case of a network outage, so your machines are not sitting ducks while a server resets or a T1 line is out.

We’d like to hear from you about your plans to move away from terminal servers. Contact us now and find out how CFM can help you replace your terminal servers with a solution that provides additional benefits for your branch.