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Industry Report: The Current State of Retail Banking

According to financial executives, 61% of those who classify themselves as innovative have increased sales through tech investments.

That's almost 3X higher than those who say they are laggards.

So how can you harness connectivity to move the “providing a better client experience” needle across all channels?

The answer increasingly lies in various technologies and strategies to help bridge the gap and modernize legacy systems—but what’s actually working, and where are others seeing results?

Get the latest research and answers in CFM+NXTsoft's 2nd annual Retail Banking Trends Report.

👉 This year's data was gathered from 384 bankers.

👉 The analysis includes over 44 pages of insights.

👉 The trends are here in 65 easy-to-scan charts.

Packed with stats straight from leading financial executives, get the latest research on:

  • Industry benchmarks, trends, and insights to help guide your growth strategies—all straight from your peers' mouths!
  • The top priorities for 2023 across digital transformation, branch operations, and fintech partnerships, plus what tactics executives are using to get results
  • How your peers successfully leverage technology across all channels 
  • Learn how much others spend, what they spend on, and where they find the biggest ROI from their investments


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Want even more stats and trends?

Watch the webinar with banking experts as they break down the latest trends.

Hear what happens when you get an executive from one of the largest banks, a fintech CIO, and a seasoned industry analyst in the same room to hash out the latest banking trends. This session adds up to a crazy good conversation you can't miss if improving the client experience is top of mind.

Who are the panelists?

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