Industry Report: The Current State of Retail Banking Branch Technology

As traditional banking models continue to be disrupted, it’s no secret that technology plays a big part in responding to market shifts.

But, ever wondered what others are really doing and seeing in 2022?

Get the latest research and answers to some important questions in CFM’s annual Retail Banking Technology Trends Report.

This year's data was gathered from 350+ bankers.

The analysis includes over 37 pages of insights.

The trends are here in 46 easy-to-scan charts.

Packed with stats straight from leading bank and credit union execs, get the latest research on:

  • What are the top branch initiatives on financial executives’ minds?
  • What technology is most critical to today’s retail branch strategies?
  • How many cash recyclers are in the average branch?
  • What percentage of transactions does self-service handle in comparison to tellers?
  • How much are others spending on technology?
  • Where are others seeing the most success?
  • How much has technology helped to reduce staffing costs and increase sales?
  • What are the biggest challenges other financial executives face?


Yes, please! Show me the latest data:

Want even more stats and trends?

Hear from industry experts as they break down the latest trends.

After interviewing and surveying over 350 financial institution leaders, we've nailed down some of the biggest trends around retail banking technology. And we sat down with a few banking experts to discuss these learnings and how you can leverage them in your 2023 strategic planning and budgeting efforts.

Who are the panelists?
  • Brad Smith, Partner, Cornerstone Advisors
  • Anna De Leon - Business Analyst, CapEd Credit Union 
  • Cody Willis - Sr. Integrations Strategist, CFM
Why listen? 
  • Take a deep dive into the first ever CFM industry report on retail banking technologies to get data-backed tactics for strategic planning.
  • Uncover what other leading institutions are investing in and why, so you can better identify if the technology is right for you.
  • Better define your technology strategies for 2023 and beyond to feel more confident in your investments.